Fire Protection Services

Exceptional fire protection services from APi International: fire suppression and fire alarm systems throughout the world.

APi International fire sprinkler system
APi International fire sprinkler system

We strive to create and deliver exceptional fire protection systems to protect both your business and the people who make what you do possible. Our trademark “parts and smarts” approach allows our designers and technicians to custom tailor each system for anyone, anywhere, no matter how diverse the concept. Our Clients can complete an installation based on our instructions and we, in turn, provide on-site supervision, ongoing maintenance, testing and inspection services. This is our mark of dedication and commitment to our clients; this is what sets us apart.

NFPA-compliant Fire Protection Systems:

Fire Suppression Systems:

No fire is the same, each requires a unique approach. We offer a variety of fire suppression solutions tailored to your individual needs including: high expansion foam and water deluge systems for high-hazard facilities; clean agent systems, non-conductive extinguisher systems, fire sprinklers, fixed water spray, fire pumps, fire water tanks and water mist.

Fire Alarm Systems:

When an alarm is triggered, immediate action is required. Our team of professionals are qualified to design, install, commission and service fire alarm systems to ensure that an up to date, up to code and properly working system is present in your facility.

Fire Protection Design and Engineering:

One of the services that APi International offers to its clients is turn-key design. We will work closely with your team to ensure we design a system to meet your specific requirements. In addition to traditional CAD design we also offer 3D design and Building Information Modeling (BIM). Through our 3D modeling software, our designers are able to customize a system to your building. We offer no-obligation consultations for all fire suppression and fire sprinkler system design projects.

Fire Protection Installation:

After we design your fire protection system, we can aid in the processes of material procurement, fabrication, installation and commissioning of your project, ensuring that you have everything required for the successful security and protection of your facility.

Contact the team at APi International to learn more about our fire suppression and fire alarm systems for your next project.